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Light Service


2003 Dodge 3500 4X4 Quad Cab with Century 411 wrecker. This truck is capable of handling the majority of all light-duty cars and trucks, including up to 5 Passengers if necessary. This vehicle is also used for recovery work for motor vehicle accidents.

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Medium Duty


2001 Ford F450 Flatbed. This truck is capable of handling all light duty cars and trucks, heavier trucks and SUVs, classic and vintage vehicles, as well as Motorcycles using equipment specifically designed for transporting your prized possession.

C-Way Towing 2001 Ford F450 Flatbed


Motorcycle Towing


Motorcycle Towing: C-Way Towing has the equipment to tow your motorcycle safely and in style using the Condor. This device enables the motorcycle to be "wheeled" into position on the flatbed deck in an upright position and well secured for the trip, which reduces the risk of damage during transport.

C-Way Towing Bike being pulled up onto flatbed

Motorcycle on towing hitch




Here’s what one of our Satisfied Customers had to say about the service they received from C-Way Towing:

After a car accident, one customers states “ I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and generosity. Living through an experience like that, and then having people you don’t even know come out to help you means a lot. Thanks for all your help….. Bryanna

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